In the hustle and bustle of today's busy world, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to indulge in life's simple pleasures. Now, here's your chance. Inside these pages you'll find one hundred bite-sized stories, inspirational articles, devotions, and poems, all inspired by ten simple pleasures of life--reading, handcrafts, fishing, shopping, baking, art, and so much more. At the hands of these FaithWriters' award winning authors, these everyday activities become anything but ordinary. Written by over fifty authors, this Mixed Blessings collection will make you smile, chuckle, even shed a tear or two, as you are inspired, entertained, encouraged, and blessed.

There is something for every Christian reader to enjoy. Keep this book in your car, on your kitchen counter, or nightstand for a quick dose of blessings. Whether you read it cover-to-cover or as a snack break in your busy day, you will want to keep coming back to these Simple Pleasures.

‘Just Listen to the Song of your Soul’ 2014

‘Simple Pleasures’ 2014 (Anthology)

FaithWriters Books, 2004-2007 (Anthologies):

  • The Challenge Continues

  • Eternally Blessed

  • In the Beginning

  • A Year of Celebration

  • Inspiration at Your Fingertips

  • Hidden in the Hymns

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“Just Listen to the Song of your Soul” is my first literary labor of love. A sweet, childhood memory at the ocean’s edge as well as my special connection to it inspired me to write this book. Since I ponder so much at the surf, it led to including a collection of chapters on life’s virtues and challenges we all face.

I enjoy taking my readers surfside to experience the love that many of us have for the soothing effects of the sea and its ability to restore the mind, heart and soul.

My hope is that you’ll relate to what you read and will live your life more consciously to connect to the inner truth of your spirit within.